how we put our looks together.
wide leg printed pants

Printed Wide Leg Pants #FTW

Nothing quite understands me like this pair of pants. If you’re of friend of mine you know how much I love them and will make any excuse to wear them. Being slim fine means I sometimes have to trick the eye into believing there’s mo...
denim for curves

Curves + High Waisted Denim

My body type is something I’ve always struggled with. Even when I was younger and considered “skinny”, my clothes didn’t quite fit right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I was trying to dress a shape that didn’t belong to me. ...
band tee and denim

Rock Band Tank + Denim

Hey baby, I’m a rockstar. Yes, just like Riri said. This is such a typical look for me, skinny jeans graphic tank and sunnies. It’s effortless and a little edgy and I’m here for it any day. This tank was really a t-shirt bodysuit ...
B+W jumper

Not so Basic, Basics

  I’m a huge fan of basics with a bold accessory. It’s important that I’m wearing my clothes and not letting them wear me. Even though my wardrobe is currently filled with black, white and shades of gray, I love to add hints o...
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