hello 2018Yes, I know, I’m saying “Hello” to 2018 like we’re meeting for the first time and we’re a good 36 days or so into the year. But the way my January was set up, I’m calling it a trial. It was a very difficult month for me. Pretty much all areas of my life felt like they were turned upside down. This was not the “new” I had in mind.

Like any other new thing, a new year gives me a motivation boost. When things are new, I have everything laid out and I know exactly how I plan to execute. Leading up to the New Year, I set my intentions on 2018 being my best year yet — I planned, prayed, meditated, journaled and did pretty much everything I could to start my year as the most positive, productive and purposeful person I had been to date. All of my I’s are dotted,T’s crossed and I feel like I’m ready for whatever. That was until I woke up on January 1st and it was just like any other day…any other bad day.

Bad days, weeks, months are a part of life, which is why it’s important to understand what you need to navigate those times. The first thing I came to realize is, nothing I was going through or feeling was permanent; meaning, it can and will change. The next thing I did was acknowledge my own emotions and wrote them down. During these times it was very important for me to listen to myself and give me what I needed. If I needed to cry, cry. If I needed to sleep, sleep. If I needed to vent, vent. Whatever it was, I allowed myself that release. Once I did that, I was able to consciously start having better, more productive days. At the end of the day, I realized that putting on the “strong, unbothered face” is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone — it will never heal properly.

Now that my January free trial is officially over, I can say that February is off to a better start. Not that complicated, annoying, scary ish isn’t happening, but giving myself the opportunity to process my emotions made me feel better equipped to handle it and myself properly.

xo, Whitney