I’ve finally found a braid out technique that works for me! The trick to achieving this super sleek and fluffy braid out (that’s heatless, healthy and perfect for winter months) is the set your hair BEFORE the braid out. The result is a full head of shiny curls. After freshly washing and deep conditioning my hair, I’m using Curlformers to set my hair and flexirods on the ends of my braids.

While I like to style my hair when it’s in a stretched state, it can be very damaging to my hair depending on how I’m “stretching” it. Back in the day, I used to blow my hair out before doing a braid / twist out or wand curls. This was a lot of manipulating, direct heat and left my hair dry while the style looked unfinished. Although it takes a little more time, using Curlformers (or some other roller to set hair) is a great way to prep your hair healthy before styling it. It’s also a great technique for transitioners.

I will be rocking my hair like this for the winter months, because who really wants to let their hair air dry in December? I also love that it makes my hair appear longer, fuller and very soft to the touch. To preserve the style at night, I pineapple it and tie it with a silk scarf. Watch the video to see exactly how it’s done.

Products used :

Curlformers – http://bit.ly/2B8VgPp
Flexi Rods (red) – http://bit.ly/2jkTROO
Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie – http://bit.ly/2A2LQYt
Long & Luxe Leave in Conditioner – http://bit.ly/2B8Q7XE
Long & Luxe Edge Control – http://bit.ly/2B8Q7XE