how we tame our manes.
Heatless Braid out on Natural hair by Whitney Rene, MIIX MII

Heatless Winter Braid Out I've finally found a braid out technique that works for me! The trick to achieving this super sleek and fluffy braid out (that's heatless, healthy and perfect for winter months) is the set your hair BEFORE the braid ou...
Curly to Straight Hair Routine by Whitney Rene, MIIX MII

Curly to Straight Hair Routine + How to Trim Hair at Home I don't straighten my hair often, but when I do this is how it's done. The very first part of the process is clarifying my hair. It is important (as a curly girl) to get rid of any residual product that is left on your...
deep conditioned hair

Deep Conditioning for Length Retention

I remember a time when deep conditioning was not part of my hair routine. My only concern was how quickly I could be done with the entire process. Nikki, however, would constantly tell me I needed to slow down and not skip my deep treatments. See...
DIY Oil Treatment

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

Wash day is my escape from the world. I dim the lights and convert a corner of my home into my very own personal spa. In my cozy pajamas, I grab a hot cup of espresso with a splash of hazelnut and turn on Netflix or dive into a book -- I’m curren...
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