A large part of our hair struggle is settled when we start using the right tools. Over the last several years we’ve used many different hair tools, but these are the ones that have stuck and become the staples in our routine. They make life easier and wash day faster when it’s time to tame the beast. We know there are still some new baby naturals that are just as confused as we were when we took the plunge many years ago, so we compiled a list (in no particular order) of our favorite hair tools and how we use them.

  • Snag-free Hair Ties — Must have for pineapples, ponytails, buns, puffs etc. Or on hot days when you need your hair out of your face immediately!
  • Mister Bottle — Spray bottle that distributes a mist instead of a spritz or stream. Typically is filled with water but can also add a liquid leave-in or your own liquid mixture to be misted on hair.
  • Rat Tail Comb — Typically a fine toothed comb with a long pointed end that is used for parting or separating hair. Used to smooth out hair for roller sets or using the comb-chase method when flat ironing.

  • Tangle Teaser — Detangling brush used on damp, wet or dry hair to remove tangles without breaking hair. The straight plastic bristles glide easily through hair and the shape of the brush allows for a comfortable fit in your hand.
  • Flexi Rods / Perm Rods — Allows for different styling methods. Can get many different types of curls or waves. Also perfect for transitioners; use on the ends of hair to blend natural and chemically processed hair.
  • Bobby Pins — I’m sure we’ve all lost too many of these to count! Definitely needed for styling, pinning, tucking, creating faux bangs, buns… you name it!

  • Hair Scissors — A good pair of sharp hair scissors that are only used to cut hair. Crucial if you trim or shape up your own hair, can also be used to cut out knots instead of pulling.
  • Silk or Satin Scarf — Critical for nighttime routine. Wrapping hair with silk or satin keeps the moisture in hair between styling, also used for laying edges and setting hair in smooth ponytail styles. Does not cause breakage or snag hair like other materials can.

extra large shower cap

  • Microfiber Hair Towel — Microfiber is smooth and doesn’t tangle your hair like a terrycloth bath towel can. It soaks up the moisture without feeling heavy and helps reduces frizz when styling.
  • Deep Conditioning Cap / Bonnet Dryer — The cap allows for more portable deep conditioning. It’s warmed up in the microwave or stove and stays warm about 20 min. The bonnet will need to be plugged in so you’re more limited on movement, but it distributes heat consistently the entire time you’re using it. (Deep conditioning cap here)
  • Hair Clips — Plastic hair clips or claws used to hold hair out of the way while styling, detangling, trimming etc.
  • Large Shower cap — An extra large, plastic shower cap will allow for all of your hair to fit inside while wearing curly styles.