DIY Oil Treatment

Wash day is my escape from the world. I dim the lights and convert a corner of my home into my very own personal spa. In my cozy pajamas, I grab a hot cup of espresso with a splash of hazelnut and turn on Netflix or dive into a book — I’m currently reading If We Ruled the World by Nako Roberson. She’s a student at Jackson State University and is only 21 years old. She has published several books and is setting some serious BlackGirlMagic goals.

Anyway, I love my wash day and have elevated it from chore to full on self-care experience.

An essential step is my hot oil treatment; it’s a must before I shampoo. After infusing herbs and essential oils, I let it sit in my hair for 30 minutes to an hour. At this point I will turn on my aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to help lower my stress level and relax me further. Afterall, stress kills, gives you wrinkles and I’m not interested in any of that. So, let’s toast to less stress and beautiful hair. -Nikki

DIY Oil Treatment


1 heaping tablespoon of Coconut Oil ( infused with herbs)

1/2 tablespoon of Glycerin

2 drops of liquid Vitamin E

Essential Oil (whatever you choose, however peppermint is a must for me)

Note: I rotate herbs and essential oils depending on how I feel. The peppermint oil and coconut oil are the only constants.

DIY Oil Treatment

DIY Oil Treatment

Listed below are herbs and essential oils that are great for beautiful hair:

Nettle : Reduces hair loss & encourages growth, provides hair follicles with vitamins and minerals to produce stronger healthier hair

Calendula : Soothes and protects from free radicals and bacteria

Rosemary : Combats dandruff, stimulates & improves circulation; antibacterial qualities gently cleanse hair

Mint : Natural astringent and helps balance scalp and normalize sebum production, relaxes blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to hair follicles

Lavender : Nourishes hair, moisturizes, helps prevent shedding, improves circulation, and has antiseptic properties

Chamomile : Reduces inflammation, retracts skin cells that have been inflamed during chemical process and harsh weather. Soothes nerves and aids with itchy, scaly, scalp, and dandruff.

Myrrh : Excellent moisturizer

Hops : Contains silica, strengthens and fortifies