I remember a time when deep conditioning was not part of my hair routine. My only concern was how quickly I could be done with the entire process. Nikki, however, would constantly tell me I needed to slow down and not skip my deep treatments. See, the problem was, all of my friends were white and I wasn’t too fond of the idea that it was going to take me all day to do my hair while they could hop in and out of the shower in what felt like seconds. During this time, my hair barely reached my shoulders. The front and sides of were severely broken off and I suffered a LOT of shedding.

Fast forward almost 15 years and you couldn’t pay me to skip a deep conditioning treatment. (well…..maybe. LOL) It has made a world of difference in the health of my hair. I have absolutely no shedding or breakage beyond what is considered normal. A solid deep conditioning routine can take your hair from a hot mess to beyond blessed… literally. –Whit

We’ve been told countless times to deep condition as part of a healthy hair routine. (…got it) But, in order to get the best results, we need to understand how to properly apply the conditioner. Like everyone else, there are sections of my hair that are dryer than others. Those sections require more attention and a lot more product.

The key is to apply the product on every single strand of your hair. Think back to the relaxer days — there is no way you would smooth relaxer on the outside of your hair and skip the middle. So if you’ve noticed the top or middle of your hair is dry and keeps breaking; you may not be applying your conditioner in the best way. Here’s a solution…

Starting with two large sections, apply the product to the hair. I like to work with 2 inch parts within the larger section until my hair is coated with product. (Don’t be afraid to use a lot of product — “dime sized” amounts were not meant for us.) Add an oil to your problem areas to help penetrate the strands. Detangle the hair to make sure it’s evenly distributed and, by now, you should be able to see that the hair is fully saturated with product.

Apply plastic cap and heat to hair for 30 minutes in order to fully penetrate each hair strand. Please note — If you are experiencing damage that has resulted in stringy limp curls, you will need to remove the damaged hair by cutting it with a pair of sharp hair scissors. No deep conditioning routine will bring those curls back to life. Once you’ve mastered this and are consistent with your deep treatments you will begin to see drastic changes in your hair. It will be easier to style, less breakage, shinier, thicker and your curls should have more definition than before. Remember to be patient because it’s not going to be an overnight fix. It can take up to a year to completely transform your curls. And it will definitely be worth it!