I don’t straighten my hair often, but when I do this is how it’s done. The very first part of the process is clarifying my hair. It is important (as a curly girl) to get rid of any residual product that is left on your hair before straightening. Because we use so many creams, oils and butters, that needs to be fully removed from the hair to ensure it’s not weighed down.

Starting with a clarifying shampoo, I cleanse my hair. After a couple of washes, I actually wash again with a traditional shampoo. Totally opposite from my typical routine, but required to have a weightless final product. Next, I deep condition with a 5-n-1 Reconstructor by Avlon. This is actually a part of a relaxer system, but is perfect for natural hair when heat styling. This is going to make sure your hair is nice and strong enough to withstand the heat. Then, I deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner to replace any moisture lost from shampooing and to regain softness in my hair. The blow-dry process is next. Then straightening with a clean flatiron.

Watch the video for more details and to see the final results! xo, Whitney