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tint beauty lipstick review by MIIX MII

Tint Beauty Lipstick

One thing we will never deny ourselves is LIPSTICK! Always on the lookout for a good cream matte, there’s a few key elements that make up our favorites. Beyond the color itself, how pigmented is the product? How does it feel on application? -- Is...
dermalogica skincare

10 Step Skin Care Routine Inspired by K-Beauty

I’ve been pretty obsessed with my skin lately. It may have something to do with being another year older or maybe it’s the eczema/allergy breakout that has been causing me major grief. Whatever the cause, it was like every part of my body was experie...
DIY Honey Lemon Scrub

DIY Honey + Lemon Scrub

This time last year my skin was giving me the blues. I just could not figure out what the problem was. The products I had been using for years were not working and I was suffering bad breakouts and skin irritation in the process of trying to find...

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