MIIX MII was born out of love for all things hair, style + beauty. Sisters, Whitney + Nikki, created MIIX MII to share the advice they so often share with one another. Whether a hairstyle guide, product review or life lesson, MIIX MII shows the real beauty behind its beauties. Both have been recognized for their contributions to the natural hair community, served as panelists and have been featured on top hair blogs.

The name MIIX MII represents their mix of interests while the double I's represent their unity -- with a sister, you'll never stand alone. Join along as we encourage, inspire and love on one another because we're only as strong as our tribe.

Thank you so much for stepping into our piece of the internet. MIIX MII was truly inspired by, not only our relationship with one another, but our relationships with the most important women in our lives — our mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and bomb.com friends. The number of lessons we’ve learned and stories we could tell about this group are endless and far too valuable to keep to ourselves. Having this tribe has kept us grounded while pushing us beyond the places we imagined we could go on our own — and we thank them for that. Although genetics connect us, we understand that having a sister is more than sharing parents or being raised in the same house — it is a relationship where differences are appreciated and unity is celebrated. We want to celebrate our tribe by welcoming you in. With that being said, please grab your beverage of choice and stay a while. 


 For sponsorship and business inquiries, email info@miixmii.com.