I’ve been pretty obsessed with my skin lately. It may have something to do with being another year older or maybe it’s the eczema/allergy breakout that has been causing me major grief. Whatever the cause, it was like every part of my body was experiencing something different and I was not feeling the glow up. I’ve always tried to maintain a facial schedule, but I was feeling like I needed something more or at least something different. I don’t mind being extra and I’ve been known to try some pretty extreme and time consuming stuff, which led me to the Korean 10-Step Skin Routine. My mother seems to think it’s time I have some children but I’m sure I will just include them in my extra-ness or let them hang with their dad. Y’all pray that my future husband understands and just goes with it… -Nikki

dermalogica skincare

The purpose of the 10-step routine is to cleanse the skin completely. How many times have you used makeup remover and a cleanser only to find that you still have makeup residue on your face when you’re applying your toner? This 10-step routine ensures your face is fully cleansed, toned (to return skin to a normal ph balance), moisturized and protected.

dermalogica skincare

  1. Double Cleansing: Cleanse face with an oil-based cleanser to remove oil-based makeup followed by a gentle foaming cleanser to remove any water-based makeup, general pollution and dirt.
  2. Exfoliate: A mild gentle exfoliate will remove dead skin cells and allow remaining product to penetrate completely. Eliminates that layer of skin cells that leave your complexion looking dull.
  3. Toning: Toning gently returns skin back to a normal ph after the effects of the cleanser and exfoliant can leave it unbalanced.
  4. Essence: Liquid version of a serum which is great for cell turnover and skin regeneration. It has concentrated ingredients to target specific skin issues. You can choose the essence OR serum (next step) if cutting a step or for budget’s sake
  5. dermalogica skincareSerum: Thicker consistency than the essence but also treats specific skin issues. For instance, if you have a breakout get one that targets pimples. If you have dry dehydrated skin get one that is high in Hyaluronic acid. Both essence and serums are for long-term use to keep skin glowing and healthy.
  6. Sheet Mask: The sheet mask is soaked in serum/essence goodness. Placing the sheet mask on top of your essence or serum helps to penetrate the product deeper into the skin. Dry dehydrated skin can make you look older, so this will help to really lock in that moisture leaving behind hydrated, youthful looking skin.
  7. Eye Cream: Eye creams offer protection and hydration.The skin around your eye is delicate and much thinner that the skin on the rest of your face. Eye creams can treat many eye skin issues like ageing and puffiness.
  8. dermalogica skincareSleeping mask (night time): A night cream with a thicker consistency than the day time moisturizer. The body regenerates itself at night so adding more concentrated products and taking vitamins at night can help the process.
  9. Moisturizer (daytime): Lighter daily moisturizer meant to seal in the moisture that you’re put back into your skin.
  10. SPF: After all your hard work on a beautiful complexion you need to protect it. UV rays can damage your skin and cause all types of issues. Cover up and shield the biggest organ on your body.

This is what I’m using now.  You don’t have to use the same products but these are my faves at the moment:

Dermalogica – Pre-Cleanse, Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Multi-Active Toner, Skin Hydrating Booster, Intensive Moisture Balance, Intensive Eye Repair, Solar Defense Booster

Tony Moley sheet masks